Hey fellow roadies! Wondering what I’ve been up to??? No, I haven’t forgotten about you!

While it’s true I’ve been quite busy outside of the world of roadtrip adventures, I am also working on a new format for the blog that I hope will be a little more eye catching! I want a little more visual pop with the photos we take mixed in with all the stories I love to tell.

Oh and P.S., just did a whirlwind tour of the Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey coastline all in one weekend last week – and next weekend, the Weekend Roady sets foot in the Big Apple.

I’ve given myself this month to upgrade and re-tool the site, I may post a couple blogs in the meantime but watch for some oddities and bugs here and there as I change the page up a little. It’s a work in progress and I tend to be a micromanaging perfectionist when it comes to things I’m passionate about!

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