I’m interrupting this website redesign to bring you some updates on my travel schedule!

Yes, this weekend we’re headed for the Big Apple! N-Y-C. You got it. As always, I’ll keep the details a secret until I can report them on here. I’m literally taking no time off for this one as it is going to be a whirlwind weekend jam-packed with all sorts of cool stuff. It’s my first time with my feet on the ground in the big city since 1995 (I was only 13 then). Yes, I famously drove through on the Cross Bronx Expressway back in July en route to Atlantic Canada, but didn’t dare get out of the car…

In a few weeks we’ll also be headed back up the east coast to Rhode Island! I’ve officially made plans for the 43rd state visit, hereby knocking out every single state east of the Mississippi. After the trip to Lil’ Rhody, the easternmost state I’ve yet to visit will be Iowa. Yes, Iowa… We’ll still have to knock the U.S. Virgin Islands out of the way at some point too (obviously looking forward to that).

I’m really excited to roll out the new design of the blog! I’ve put writing on hold while I tweak up everything – it’s so much work! I’m hoping to get the new site up by the end of the month. Stay tuned!



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