As you may know, I’ve long held a fascination with extreme points, especially those relative to boundaries. I can count the easternmost and northernmost parts of the Lower 48 states among my travels as well as a handful of extreme points in U.S. states.

This weekend I’m hoping (against hope, maybe) to finally “conquer” Virginia – as I’ve currently visited the state’s northernmost point, drove through the area around the southernmost curvature of its border with North Carolina (near Danville) and parked my car and hiked around near the westernmost spot north of Cumberland Gap, TN (though didn’t quite make it to the KY-TN-VA tri-point).

The easternmost point in Virginia is tricky business, though, and requires some time and effort. It lies at the Virginia-Maryland border on Assateague Island and appears as though an eight-mile roundtrip walk (or bike) through the park’s Bayberry Drive trail will get you there and back (from your nearest parking spot at the Assateague Island National Seashore). While dropping down further into Chincoteague proper would mark my first visit of the Virginia section of the Delmarva peninsula (and be a bit more conventional), my curiosity points me in the direction of getting to the actual point itself…

I have no idea what my final plans will be yet, and it might be a spur of the moment thing. Hiking this thing will likely call for an early morning wakeup of 5:30-6 a.m., which is something I’m not the biggest fan of (but have given into quite often while traveling). Either way, watch for an update on my adventures on Facebook and this page sometime this weekend and next week!

UPDATE — No go on the fourth corner this time, but I made it to Chincoteague and the Virginia Peninsula for the first time and it turned out to be well worth the effort. I’ll have a full report on this soon (as well as to why the trip to the state line wasn’t quite feasible).

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