It does seem that waterfalls are an easy way to appease that need for a “wow factor”-moment on trips. Whether you are one who needs to be impressed or is simply content with whatever nature comes up with (boring or impressive), waterfalls seem to move everyone (and please don’t test that theory by jumping into one).

Their is something about the raw power that is generated by falling water that brings us to our knees. We simply can’t compete. It’s a visual reminder that while we lay our heads down each night, our planet continues to ply away, 24/7, from dusk til dawn and through the day.

Anyway, I’ll stop being poetic. A couple Sundays ago my cousin  and I enjoyed a quick jaunt up to Montmorency Falls just outside of Quebec City to catch a glimpse of this Quebec icon. It was well worth the trip over, despite this late Spring day bringing temperatures in the low 50s with steady rain. Montmorency is every bit of epic – including the bridge you can walk over right above the falls (try to do that, Niagara). One can also walk down numerous flights of steps to get right into the spray – though the walk back can be daunting for the relatively unfit (I’m working on that!). Anyway, take a look at some of the pictures provided below and if you are ever in the neighborhood, take that quick trip over to Montmorency.

The first view of the Falls from the park entrance

My cousin, Walter, on the bridge crossing over the falls

That’s a long flippin’ way down

I caught a waterfall and it was thiiiiiiiiiiis big

A long way to the bottom!

Ahh, this is what Canada is all about!

About as close as we could go before the mist made quick work of our camera lenses

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