Hey guys – wanted to do a little update from here in Quebec, Quebec (don’t say “Quebec City” around here!).

It’s been wet and rainy and a bit cool, but that doesn’t stop an intrepid traveler like myself (or my cousin, Walter, who has joined me on this venture). We sampled some poutine in the old town and hung around some of the shops and fortifications. Heck, it’s a minor miracle we made it up here as my GPS wasn’t loaded with any Canada maps and hunting for the hotel in downtown Quebec City (with a myriad of one-way only streets and alleyways and French signs to “guide” you).

It’s a small culture shock here. Obviously everything is in French – signage, menus, books and magazines, most television and radio stations. Nearly 100% of the people here speak French as their mother tongue and we have run into people with heavy accents or the inability to speak very good English. That said, most people know the basics and you can at least stumble through a typical transaction. They’ll quickly pick up on one’s inability to speak their language despite always greeting you in theirs. It’s great, though, I love being immersed in such a different culture right here in North America! Fantastique! It’s why I love to travel.

Well it’s back to being a tourist! Check back in from Ottawa in a couple days!

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