(Google translate shortcut = Quebec, Here i Come…)

Here we go! My cousin Walter and I hit the road today on our way to Quebec City, QC. It will be the first trip to Quebec for the both of us and leaves me just two official provinces short of a full set (still need Newfoundland & Labrador as well as Saskatchewan).

I’ve been frantically planning this four-day trip which will be book-ended by two full days of driving. Somehow we’ll still manage a full day in Quebec City, a near full day in Ottawa (that’s Ontario) while we completely skip Montreal. We plan to see old town Quebec, Montmorency Falls and the Parliament and everything else we can cram in (ketchup chips included …oh, and possibly poutine).

I really wanted to cross at Derby Line, Vermont and see the Haskell Free Library and Opera House – which is bisected by the national border. Unfortunately it’s a little out of the way (and in the way of a lot of toll roads). Fortunately, the route we’ll likely take includes a stopover in Alburg (or Alburgh), Vermont – an exclave of the United States (though connected now by a bridge). On the way back, I hope to add another exclave, that of St. Regis (the Akwesasne First Nation Reservation), Quebec, the only exclave of Canada attached to the U.S. mainland.

I’ll be sure to update with some quick trip reports as I go! Talk to you soon!


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