Yes – 5,217 miles. Stretched out over 11 days that’s 474 of them per day (poor, poor Hertz – they didn’t know someone would take “unlimited mileage” that seriously). I know there are some people out there that haven’t (and won’t) drive 474 miles for one trip, let alone string that average along for over a week. That said – this Weekend Roady and his girl ran through 18 states, saw three National Parks (and three more National Park sites) and experienced plenty more on our Southern adventure.

I have well over a thousand photos to sort through (forgot my USB connector for the camera at home – the reason for my lack of photo updates along the way). I’ll probably be blogging on this trip for the next month or so – the amount of content I can cull out of this one is staggering.

I updated the 2012 trip log, the Roady record book and the visited places lists. Most surprising to me is that I’ve now stayed a night in 30 of the 42 states I’ve visited. I always thought getting to 50 nights in 50 states would be more challenging, but it looks fairly doable in the long term. As for my 50 state goal, I’m now only missing six in lower 48 as well as Alaska and Hawaii. I’m currently planning my next trip for Rhode Island – the only state I’m missing in the Eastern Time Zone.

Watch for new posts soon!

One thought on “5,217 MILES AND I’M A LITTLE TIRED

  1. My personal best is about 8,500 miles in 28 days (guess that works out to “only” about 300 miles per day). Your feat, of course, blows that out of the water. I can’t wait to see the updates as you cull through your material. Well done!

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