On Sunday Breeah and I attended the Redskins-Jets game which resulted in an ultimately disappointing 33-19 loss for the ‘Skins as the wheels came off in the final moments of a mostly exciting, if somewhat ugly, contest.

The highlight for us was the tickets in the “dream seat” section – which consist of the first two rows of the stadium. Redskins tickets are notoriously pricey and sitting in the bottom rows has almost always been unrealistic for me (though I did see the Week 2 game against the Cardinals about nine rows back from behind the goalpost). Though, with the ‘Skins at 4-7 and the Jets being a fringe playoff team, I was able to nab a couple seats in the second row for far below their usual resale value. Outside of a matchup of two mathematically eliminated squads (see Dec. 24, Vikings vs. Redskins for the potential of that), I probably got a better deal in this section than anyone will all year.

The seats were great and we had outstanding views of the action (and unfortunately of Mark Sanchez’s game-winning toss to Santonio Holmes, which developed right in front of us). Free hot dogs, peanuts, cookies, soda (canned) and water are available for fans in this section, so getting these tickets relatively cheap can actually offset the price of tickets further back with the free food. Chief Zee even sat in our row for the first quarter!

Scroll down for more pictures from the game…

Chief Zee!!

The Redskins Marching Band outside the stadium

Trent Williams takes his final bow of the 2011 season during intros, looks like a suspension is next

False Start, Number...

Grossman tries to rally the troops for a must-win

Sanchez surveys the defense

Sanchez came through late to spur a Jets win

Full stadium view

Santana Moss walks off with a couple teammates at halftime

Grossman couldn't lead a late comeback attempt






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