Just out of a complete random whim, I google mapped the tiny country (or should I say “Most Serene Republic” of San Marino looking for the national soccer (football) stadium in the castello of Serravalle. Why? – don’t ask…

I found something interesting though when zooming in on satellite view. Take a look for yourself…

Yes, that’s a nice looking little baseball field smack dab in the middle of a European micronation. It seems the Sanmarinese are trying to build a powerhouse in a different sport seeing as their soccer team just can’t compete, giving up 49 goals in nine games (while scoring none) in Euro 2012 qualifying.

The grounds are home to the awkwardly named T&A San Marino in which a Google search might not be safe for work (the T and A stand for Technologia and Ambiente in this case). You may need to brush up on some Italian, but their website is here.  Apparently the club won the latest European Champions Cup (think Euro World Series) just a couple weeks ago and has represented San Marino at the national level various times with great success.

If I ever make it out there, I might just have to take in a ballgame at the friendly confines of Stadio di Baseball de Serravalle!


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