I drove up to Sweet Home, Oregon today to take a few snaps from the path of totality. I had exactly one minute to use my camera’s zoom lens and came back with some decent shots. You can see some of the corona on these photos.

The back road (i.e. Marcola Road) from Eugene/Sprinfield to Sweet Home had a few like-minded individuals traipsing out to the path. Eugene itself had a 99.4% max eclipse, so I needed to make the short trip and avoided the heaviest crowds on I-5 (Salem, Albany and Corvallis were the hotspots in my neck of the woods).

I’m glad I did, its definitely a strange experience that gives you a very unique perspective on our place in the solar system. It got darker and darker and the weather got a bit cooler as we waited out the last few minutes before totality. I spent most of that minute staring into my camera but did glimpse out to see the darkened world around me. Something I will never forget!

Hope most of my North American-based readership had the chance to at least see some of the partial eclipse today!



  1. Sweet shots! I want to see a time lapse video showing not the moon/sun, but the temporary darkening of the daylight on the landscape. Must’ve been so cool. My cousins in Wyoming were directly in its path too. Down here in Phoenix, the effect was far diluted, but it didn’t keep dozens of my coworkers congregating outside around 10:30 this morning to squint at the sun. Haha. Thanks for sharing!

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