Wow, what an incredibly busy last few weeks it has been!

I just returned from a weekend in the frozen hinterlands of North Dakota and Minnesota. I stopped by the famous (or infamous) Runestone Museum in Alexandria, MN (which I can’t wait to blog about) as well as visited the Wahpeton “Wahpper” in North Dakota’s easternmost town. Did I mention I was treated to a Luke Bryan concert in Fargo as well as a North Dakota-St. Cloud hockey game? Whew…

Well, the bags are packed again as Breeah and I make our way to Antigua for a weeklong 32nd birthday bash of sorts. As for my actual birthday, we’ll be on the British island of Montserrat, a place that’s been on my travel bucket list for years (my bucket list also includes Greenland and American Samoa so you get the drift).

Plenty of updates when I get back! Happy travels ’til then…


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