Extreme Settlements Map

Thanks to Reddit user FliryVorru for this incredible piece of work. I had pondered mapping all the locations I had listed in the prior post, but was going to put it on the backburner for at least a few days. Thanks to Fliry, we already have an awesome map of every extreme “directional-most” settlement in all the U.S. states and territories.

You can access this very useful map by clicking here. (RED=Northernmost, BLUE=Southernmost, YELLOW=Westernmost, GREEN=Easternmost.)

Straight from the creators mouth…

DISCLAIMER 1: Where there were multiple town listed, I chose the first, unless there was a good reason not to. I also just typed in the city and state.

DISCLAIMER 2: The markers on this map will not point to the northernmost/southernmost, etc point in that city. Just the city itself. I’m bored at work, but that doesn’t mean I have all the time in the world.

DISCLAIMER 3: I didn’t go and verify that the link’s info was 100% correct. I just entered data into a spreadsheet and fed it to a machine. Your mileage may vary.

So in keeping with the “fun” element of this whole project (and I haven’t proof read the map completely), don’t expect spot-on accuracy, but it definitely passes the eyeball test.


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