Wondering what I’m up to know that Sandy has officially made its landfall across the U.S. eastern seaboard? Well, I would hope not. If you’re anywhere near this storm, take shelter asap and try to ride this one out. It’s going to be an interesting next 18-to-24 hours as Sandy rams into the coastline and  all major metropolitan centers surrounding its 800 mile circumference.

I’m in Minnesota right now, as my flight back to BWI Sunday night was cancelled and I’m sticking it out here at least a couple more days. On Saturday, my girlfriend and I drove down to Rochester, MN to take in the historic Mayo Clinic (to be true, we just enjoyed the drive, some shopping and an excuse to get lunch at a shared guilty pleasure…Fazoli’s). I’m currently on track to get back Wednesday night, giving me an excuse to maybe get in another day trip while I’m out here tomorrow (I’ve yet to make it to Iowa, and may make a quick run to the border tomorrow to nab it, we’ll see). That said, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone back in the  D.C. area and everywhere else along the east coast. I’ve recently made a couple excursions to Atlantic City (which will receive the eye of this thing), trekked to Cape May, been up and down the Delmarva peninsula (where I have family along the coast) and just a few weeks ago was in Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. I wonder how that poor island, already half the size it was a couple hundred years ago, can sustain through a storm like this.

Best of luck and many prayers to any and all affected by this!

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