Yes! It finally snowed in D.C. lastnight! While we’ve had a few “snow spits” here and there – including a lil’ storm all the way back on October 31 – nothing has really stuck to the ground very long to be considered true snow (at least to our midwestern hearts here).

Well, last night – after we attended a fun, but frustrating Washington Wizards game (lost 108-104 to the Denver Nuggets) and a riot at the Riot Act Comedy Club (Josh Blue is well worth the money!) – it was snowing! It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been in a big city during snowfall (if I ever had, Minneapolis in January twenty years ago comes to mind). This morning, the snow stuck…though it’s admittedly a bit wimpy for the storms I’ve been used to before. That said, I’m glad it’s not that bad – I’ve heard terrible things about D.C. driving in rough weather…

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