So it’s official…

I’m in the early planning stages of a Southern states road trip for late February. Of course you may remember an earlier post from late November announcing my intentions for the next great road trip.  There were times in the weeks since that I wavered on a trip down south, but eventually decided that it would be the easiest and most affordable option right now – while giving us plenty of new stuff to see and do. We have 9-10 days set aside for a tour d’horizon of sorts (more like the Weeklong Roady I guess). While my long-distance driving skills will be put to the test, I promise – in usual Weekend Roady fashion – to go all out on this one…

As you know, I’m never one to take it slow. Consecutive 6-8 hour days on the road to go further and see more are nothing to me and roadside stops for state parks, national parks/sites and what not are easy to attach to long driving days. Stopping and settling down in a place for multiple days is usually not my thing.

So the plan is to get to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas (which is the last of my “airport-only” states) and possibly stretch it out to New Mexico (where we can actually  rest for a couple nights and knock out a couple national parks). We’d also likely add a stop in Oklahoma on the way back. The tally – should we go that exact route – would be six new states (and one “officially” visited state) to go with a handful of national parks and other sites.

I apologize I haven’t been updating as frequently as I like! It’s been a busy post-holiday season the followed  just being on holiday and away from the computer for awhile. I still plan to showcase more of the Northern Minnesota region for you guys and might just take a little day trip this Sunday depending on the weather (which has been nice of late). Talk to you soon!

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