I’ve been keeping it a good secret here on the ‘Roady – but we are shuttling off to Puerto Rico on Friday morning for an extended four-day weekend outing.

I’ve been meaning to schedule a trip out there since late summer and this late October weekend worked perfectly (it’s been basically booked and paid for – hotels, rentals, airfare – since, oh, early September). It’s shoulder/off-season on the island so the prices were about as low as they get.

The longest process was booking a hotel. At first I wanted to avoid the bustle San Juan, but after mulling through hotels, prices and general location issues elsewhere I decided it was best to just be the first-timers we are and embrace the more mainstream Puerto Rican experience. Old San Juan (and the Historic Site), El Yunque, chowing on some mofongo and hitting the beach are musts – the rest will happen as it happens)

For my girlfriend and I, it will be our first U.S. Territory (outside of D.C., of course, when talking about non-states). We’ll be taking the roady experience over there and renting a car (can’t beat $12 a day).

I will most likely not be posting many (if any) updates til after the trip, but expect a full day-by-day posts next week. See you then!

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