We’re heading towards another weekend and you know what that means, right?

Of course – another road trip in the making! I am the Weekend Roady after all…

This Saturday came down to six options – seeing as an overnight stay is not really possible this time, that restricted it down to four more realistic drives, as follows:

1) The Pine Barrens of New Jersey

2) The Festivities of Fall in far western Maryland (Oakland, MD to be specific)

3) The gargantuan King of Prussia mall near Philly.

4) A historic tour of Virginia, stopping by some NPS sites I’ve yet to see (namely George Washington’s birthplace among others).

At this point option No. 1 seems the most likely. We’ve left Jersey out of our excursions for the most part (Atlantic City in April and a drive through the entire turnpike in July on our Canada trip – both voyages will get trip stories in due time) but the Pine Barrens come recommended by the latest Life  “America the Beautiful” Top 100 issue and it’s been in my head since then.

The Pine Barrens are also the home of the Jersey Devil – which is said to live in Wharton State Forest. The Destination Truth episode chronicling the search for the elusive creature/monster was one of my favorite in the series. It was also the setting for a famous Sopranos episode. The whole area is under National Park Service protection as well, so chalk another NPS site off my list if we go.

I’ll have a full report up on Sunday whatever it is we decide to do…

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