For now these aren’t the same old Redskins. Oh, we may find out sooner or later that they are who we thought they were (thanks Denny). They may end up like that new, fancy flavor of ice cream. The first two refreshing licks sat just fine on the palate, until the aftertaste crept up and it wasn’t what you expected.

But, for now, these aren’t the same old Redskins.

Rex was under the gun Sunday - and delivered

Ramblin’ Rex rode again on Sunday – this time leading the boys from behind – trailing by eight with time creeping up on them in the fourth quarter. A 4th and 3 touchdown pass to Santana Moss made it 21-19 and set the stage for the shaky leg of Graham Gano in the waning minutes. Gano converted, the Redskins forced a fumble and the Cardinals walked out of Fedex Field as stunned as the rest of us.

Tim Hightower spurred the first half rushing attack - rumbling for 85 by halftime

Who were these guys in burgundy and gold who didn’t fold when the going got tough?

And was that really a guy in a Grossman jersey leading the way?

Yes, Rex Grossman at times looked every bit the part of his vilified past. A red-zone interception on the game’s opening drive and a near game-ending throw that got batted to the ground on the play prior to Gano’s kick.

The big kick

Yet, the Redskins won because they bucked up at the right moments and didn’t fold – Grossman included (not in spite of). Down 21-13 after rightfully owning the Cardinals in every statistical category would have usually spelled the sure end of things in the past. The Redskins I’ve grown used to would have sauntered around in the waning moments, allowing the Cardinals to score again and turn a competitive game into a snoozer.

Fans celebrate the big win

For my part, the Redskins improved to 7-3 with myself in attendance and broke a 1-game losing skid. The memories of my last game (the debacle in Detroit) are long gone. It’s on to Dallas where another win (in arguably the NFL’s best rivalry) would surely send Washington fans further into a frenzy.


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